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“Just fucking take it all, Eva,” he mumbled as she looked up at him, questioning him and furthering their prior fight. At this point, his mind was far away from the fact that he had seen her flirting with another guy. His lust for her had overcome much of his anger of her flirtatious actions; he was more irritated by the fact that she seemed to go back to pushing his buttons again as she coyly acted like she wouldn’t be able to deep throat his cock. His hand went to the back of her head, urging her forward as he thrust his hips toward her mouth again, groaning out. “Suck all of my cock, Eva. Don’t fucking play with me like that,” he told her sternly, aware that he was quickly losing the upper-hand in their situation.

Eva listened to James’ demands, telling her to keep taking more and not to stop. She looked right up at him, seeing him lean his head back, hearing those hot groans leave his lips and his body flexing due to her touch. She loved seeing every bit of what James’ reactions due to her mouth and hands. The fact that she had him so hard and throbbing, begging her to keep doing what she was doing and admitting he needed her was what kept her going. Being able to pleasure her boyfriend to this state with just her mouth on his cock made her eager to keep going. Eva listened to the sound as the suction of her lips were pulled back from his cock, the pop reaching both their ears as she just admired the sight of James’ thick dick coated in her saliva. Her hand rapidly pumped over the length, grinning as she looked up at him. Eva opened her mouth to take half again, tightly sealing her lips as she slowly and teasingly pulled back, letting the tip of James’ cock slip out past her lips and the sound returning once again. Purposely teasing him after she had swallowed half of his cock, just sucking hard, wiggling her tongue and then letting his cock come out of her mouth once the tight seal was broken. Her tongue licked at the head, kissing it as she kept her eyes on him, seeing how much he could take of the teasing. Her hand wrapped around the base, holding it steady as she licked from the base to the tip, dragging her tongue and her lips against his cock, moaning against it she stared right up at him. “Fuck.. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about doing this for you since we got here. Do you know how tough it is to get into bed and not lean over and do this?” The same sweet tone was in her voice as she kissed her full lips against his cock. Almost finding it amusing how upset he was with her, being so firm and annoyed but now begging for her to suck him off.  Eva’s lips parted again, her tongue flat against the underside of his cock as she went back to eagerly and quickly sucking off his thick cock, not wanting him to get too annoyed with her. Eva kept her body arched, her backside pressed out as she just sucked him off, moaning against his cock as she made sure to keep her lips tight around his cock and her tongue moving constantly. She felt his hands moving to the knots in her swimsuit, letting him do as he wished before letting it just drop down onto the bed.

As she pulled back to taunt him about sucking it all, she smiled at the sight of him quickly jutting his hips forward, just looking at his cock just in front of her lips, flicking her tongue out quick over the tip to watch it sway from a single lick. “All of it?” She repeated as a question after he told her to suck more. Her eyes remained on his as her hand slowly wrapped around it, jerking teasingly slow back and forth, letting the head brush over her lips every now and then. “God… You’re so bossy. You’re being a jerk again. I don’t want to.” She added in, knowing he had no choice to accept it and be annoyed by it. Eva pumped her left hand back and forth over his cock, lowering her head to do something she hadn’t done for James before. Her hand repeatedly jerked from the base to the tip as she licked right beneath his cock, kissing and gently sucking on his balls, letting her tongue lap slowly while she pumped his cock. Moaning against him, letting him revel in the feeling before she brought her mouth back slowly, replacing it with her right hand, moderately palming against his sack as she took the tip between her lips. Without any hesitation, she smoothly pressed forward, going as far as she could with one try, having her nose so close to pressing against his waist before pulling back all while keeping her lips tightly around his cock. Eva pulled back so just the head of his cock was between her lips before pushing forward, all while keeping her hand underneath rubbing gently. Her motions were quick, her left hand jerking over his cock, working over his shaft each time she pulled back and then resting against the base of his cock when she pressed her face forward. Eva’s tongue swirling as much as it can against the rigid shaft before she finally pushed forward, getting her nose against his waist and swallowing every bit until the head touched the back of her throat. Eva kept her mouth there, her tongue slightly moving against the underside for a few seconds before she pulled back, catching her breath. Her left hand jerked over the spit covered cock as she licked over her lips, determined to do it again and again just for his benefit. “Fuck, James. So demanding.. I don’t think I can do it again.” She teased, her left had now resting against his upper thigh as she pushed her mouth forward, swallowing down the majority of his cock in one smooth motion, fitting so much and just relaxing herself before bobbing her head further to get every inch. Eva’s lips against the base as she slowly pulled back, cheeks hollowed and her tongue firmly rubbing against the underbelly as she let the tip of his cock come out with the audible pop again. She looked up at him, the tip of his cock right at her lips, her tongue flicking out against the head as she caught her breath. “Fuck, James. Make me take it all. Fuck my mouth. Don’t fucking stop until you cum. Cum in my mouth.” Another thing she hadn’t let him do, always pulling back or making him cum against his abdomen instead. “I’ll swallow it all down, just for you.” She mumbled, her cheeks filling with slight blush as she looked up at him, her lips kissing at the tip of his cock. Knowing he wasn’t had a release for days now, deciding to reward him as she flicked her tongue again at the head. “Fuck, babe. Fuck my mouth.” She added again, begging for it as she wanted to please him so bad. Her hand jerking it against her tongue as she kept eye contact with him despite being embarrassed about wanting him to finish in her mouth and begging for him to make her take it all. “Please.” She very quietly added in. Something that should be bringing James great pleasure was something Eva was urging him to do, wanting to see his expression and just how hard he would cum from her suggestion.


 “Fuck,” he swore again, at a slight loss of breath as he looked down toward the obvious bulge in his shorts. His hand palmed over his cock through the material of his board shorts, jerking himself off with the same hand he had used to fuck Eva just a few seconds before. From where she was, he imagined she could easily see the outline of his cock, letting her know just how hard he was for her and how much he needed her to take care of him. Without waiting for her much longer, he pushed down his shorts slightly, watching as his hard cock sprung out of its confines. He wrapped his fingers around his thick cock, jerking himself off right in front of her with his shorts only pushed down to his upper thighs. His blue eyes looked directly down at her while he moved his hand back and forth along his shaft. “Come here,” he demanded from her.

The sound of James’ breath, her own and her moans were the only sounds she could hear other than him sliding his finger repeatedly back and forth out of her wetness. She laid back against the bed, her eyes locked to her boyfriend’s. She could see just how focused he was, the narrowed brows, the tensed jaw and his eyes staring directly at her. Eva’s was almost the complete opposite. Her face was bright face with embarrassment, her mouth wide open and her lip shaking with just how quickly his finger bucked back and forth for her pleasure. Having James stare over her and take note of how much she was enjoying just his finger kept the blush on her face but the pleasure she received easily overwhelmed the thought of how she looked before him. As much as she wanted to keep her annoyance with him going, the fact that he was focusing on just making her feel good made her brush the thought away for now. She found her lips to his again, finding herself struggling to keep up with her tongue against his, having him take the lead and just enjoy every bit of what was happening to her. The pleasure of him just fucking away at her pussy with his finger had her moaning into his mouth, half heartedly pushing her tongue against his until she felt him slowing down. Eva’s tongue swirling quicker to his and slowing right back down the moment he picked up the pace of his finger, making her weakly mumble against him. She couldn’t keep up with how much attention she was getting, but she certainly tried, unable to pull away from his mouth completely. She broke the kiss and kept her body tight to his, holding him rather affectionately close with her arms around his neck. Her lips were lightly brushing over his ear, begging him for more, being so greedy for his fingers. The days that passed were nothing as she expected and finally finding intimacy with James had her so eager and helpless for him. It showed how much she craved having him and how she was powerless for him. She willingly admitted it with her constant whining for him to keep going and while she was aware how high and mighty James was probably getting; she reminded herself that just having him pay all this attention to her was definitely worth it. As the finger pulled back, she kissed lovingly against his cheek, egging him on to continue and not tease. When the second finger pushed in along with the middle, she loudly cried out his name right against his ear. It was pure lust and desire for him. The feeling of his two fingers fucking back and forth, sinking into her tight wet hole and pulling back to continue had her thighs squeezing around his hips like before but with longer tensing and much more drawn out moans. She couldn’t keep quiet, and it was all because of James. The sound of her moaning was definitely loud next to his ear and surely and ego boost. Her genuine moaning and mumbling of his name was constant with his fingers sinking deep into her, having her dripping wet just for him. As the fingers pressed into her, she couldn’t stay still with her hips, squirming up against him, holding him so tight with her arms around his neck, keeping their upper bodies pressed together. “Oh, fuck.. James… Fuck, that feels so good.” She nuzzled her face up against his cheek and ear, unable to stay still, her lips brushing over his stubble and to his ear as she constantly went from relaxing against the bed to her thighs tightening and her arms pulling him so tight to her. Feeling somewhat guilty and wanting the upperhand, she offered to take care of him. She felt his fingers slowing, just firmly pushing back and forth as she even bucked her hips in the slightest to fuck herself against his fingers. She kissed back eagerly with the same enthusiasm and energy as before his quick rapid finger fucking. Her tongue rubbing firmly to his before the kiss was broken.

As James moved back, she remained laying back against the bed. The sight was surely shameless. Laying back with her legs bent at the knees and spread apart with nothing covering her wet pussy. Her top was clinging tight to her bust, her nipples hard against the thin material and her blushing face. Eva breathed heavily, catching her breath and just kept eye contact with James. Eva slowly licked over her lips, staring right at him before letting her eyes fall down. She looked at his body, the light sheen against him before seeing just how loose the board shorts were against his hips after she tugged on the strings. If the sight of her angered boyfriend wasn’t hot enough, the action of him clearly displaying his cock by rubbing back and forth over himself through the shorts had her craving him. He was clearly desperate for her touch and she felt as if he was showing off what she was missing out on for the last few days. She wanted James bad and it was obvious. Eva’s mouth parted into a sigh as she watched him push down the shorts low enough just for his heavy cock to spring out. She watched it bob lightly for a moment, seeing just how hard James’ cock was. Eva’s left hand moved down over her tight stomach and right over her wet folds, teasing her index and pointer finger against her lips while the middle went back and forth right over the middle. The sight of James jerking off had Eva wanting him to just hold her down and roughly fuck her then and there but she made and offer that would have upset James further if she didn’t carry it out. She intended to tease the both of them, rubbing herself as he jerked his thick throbbing cock in front of her but stopped as she heard his voice. Eva sat up, moving onto her knees up to James as well. She leaned up to him, kissing at his cheek and then his lips in such a sweet manner, only giving him a few chaste kisses. “You look so hot right now, James.” She mumbled against his lips, making sure to pause in between to kiss at his lips, pulling right back after a slight tease of her tongue. “Fuck, that’s all because of me.” She looked down, her left hand reaching forward, taking the heavy cock and jerking over the length very slowly but firmly. “You’re so hard.” Eva sighed against him, keeping her lips so close to his as she jerked his length, having the tip brush against her inner thigh, so close to her pussy. “I won’t tease.” She quickly added, expecting him to complain. Eva moved back on her knees slightly, enough to lower head and kiss down his abdomen. She pressed kisses against his abs while looking up at him. The entire time, she kept her blue eyes locked to his, trying to look so sweet and sincere as she lowered herself. She bent right over, still on her knees, keeping her rear back and out. Her back arched as her face was directly in front of his crotch. Eva’s right hand was down against the bed as her other jerked the cock, going completely from the base to the tip. She looked up at him, pressing the head right to her pouty lips and kissing at it a few times. To return the favor, she surprisingly didn’t torture him by teasing. She parted her lips, opening her mouth and pushing forward, just taking half of James’ cock between her lips. She sealed them tightly around his cock, her tongue sliding against the underside, keeping it flat and moving it left to right, swirling it while her cheeks hollowed. She pulled her mouth back until the tip slipped out from between her lips with an audible pop from the suction. Eva didn’t make any remarks as she kept her head up to look at James, wanting him to admire that she wasn’t toying with him too much, and the sight of her just sucking his cock. She repeated the process, pushing forward to suck on half again, this time doing the same except not pulling back completely. Eva pulled back so just the tip was between her lips before bobbing her head forward, swallowing half of his cock repeatedly. Her left hand jerked over the remaining inches of his cock each time she pressed her mouth forward, her hand moving back as she pulled her mouth back just to suck on the tip. She didn’t bother on sucking him off slowly, but eagerly bobbing her head to swallow half of his thick cock, coating it in her saliva as she looked up directly at him. Eva even pressed forward to swallow the majority of him, taking almost every inch without taking her time to work each inch before deepthroating his cock. She surprisingly pressed forward, trying to quickly take as much as she could before pulling back after a few seconds to catch her breath. Breathing heavily, she jerked at his cock, rubbing the tip against her lips, even shamelessly slapping it directly against his tongue. Eva turned her head to the side, kissing over the side of the throbbing cock with her full lips, teasing James for a short time before bringing her lips to the head again. “Am I still in trouble, jerk? Am I making up for it?” She mumbled, unable to help but try and just push his buttons while pleasing him. “You’re so fucking hard, James… So hot.” Eva muttered as she kissed over his cock, eagerly swallowing half of his cock, pushing forward, quickly bobbing her head along his cock, making sure all the focus was on him. Occasionally, she made sure to press past half, taking the majority of his cock into her mouth, getting the tip so close to the back of her throat. She knew she had to take every inch of it down for James but actually decided to tease him, thinking it was fair with how quickly she swallowed his cock rather than doing the teasing foreplay of just licking and jerking him off. She pulled back, licking her lips, kissing at the tip and sucking lightly as she looked up at him with her innocent expression again. “I don’t know if I can take it all.” She lied, trying not to grin as they both knew she was full of it. “Or maybe I just don’t want to take every inch.” She added on, just to annoy him. It wasn’t the nicest thing to do with their situation and although she offered to take care of him completely, seeing him so annoyed with her was rather hot. “I don’t know…” Her voice showing uncertainty but clearly an act as she took his cock between her mouth again, bobbing her head back and forth over the majority of it but leaving just the last bit without the sensation of her mouth just to annoy him. She knew he wanted her to deepthroat every inch of his thick cock, but she held back on going through with it out of her own need to try and have the upperhand on her boyfriend for now. 


 His long, thick finger pumped into her as he turned his head with her own fingers running through his hair, all the while sliding his finger in and out of her tight, wet hole. He moved his hand quickly against her, not really in the mood to slowly tease her; he just wanted to give her a hard fuck for pressing his buttons and for managing to piss him off so easily. He fucked her hard with his finger going in and out of her so fast as his wrestled his tongue against hers, pulling away every so often for a breath and listening to her moan from just finger fucking her wet pussy.

It had been far too long since Eva had James’ lips against hers. She was expecting that every day of their vacation would be nothing short of fun or passionate, just the two of them enjoying each other’s company and showing how much they appreciated one another but that wasn’t the case. That’s why she couldn’t pull herself the moment she felt his lips on hers. She kissed back eagerly, pressing her frame forward closer towards his. After days of having any sort of affection, Eva craved the familiar touch of his hands and his lips, refusing to allow James to pull his face away from hers for more than a few seconds. Every time the kiss was broken, Eva would press her mouth forward again, wanting to feel her tongue rub quickly against his. As angry as she was at him, she couldn’t resist when it came to making out with James. Just the affection she felt from sharing a passionate kiss was enough to subside some of the bitterness for a while. As she laid back against the bed, her hands went to his back, enjoying the feeling of his warm skin pressed to hers and how they couldn’t stop kissing one another. Her tongue had pushed forward, finding his and moaning right into the kiss, the two of them trying to over power the other with the kiss and their tongue. She couldn’t even tease at this point. Eva attempted by holding back on the kiss, trying to deny James the feeling of her lips and tongue but caved in within seconds. As his hips lowered and she felt his bulge press directly against her covered pussy, she loudly moaned into the kiss, her thighs tensing around his hips, squeezing briefly before relaxing, just feeling his bulge brushing back and forth. It had been a couple of days since she had felt his body right up against hers, and far too long since she had his cock inside of her. They already wasted so much time with their arguing when they could have been using their vacation time enjoying one another. She was expecting to be getting fucked by James every day, if not more with the two of them on vacation. Her mind roamed and pictured all the places James and her could have been fooling around the moment they entered the hotel room. Her hands pulled at his hips again, trying to pull him forward again when he pulled his bulge away from her core but wasn’t able to do anything with James keeping himself back. She was more than ready to complain and go back to insulting him until she felt his hand sliding down over her pussy. With the strings undone, she laid back with the material just resting upon her and still found James by teasing his fingers back and forth. She wasn’t in any position to complain, even just having his fingers sliding over her covered pussy was better than teasing herself. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she kissed at his lips, moaning softly against his mouth as she squirmed slightly beneath him.

Eva kept herself tight against him, enjoying the warmth of his body and how he kept her in place by pinning her down against the bed. She broke the kiss and pressed her face forward, holding onto him tight once he pulled her swimsuit bottoms aside. Her lips against his ear, breathing heavily as his middle finger slid back and forth. She whimpered to his ear once he started teasing her clit, not having anytime this vacation to take care of herself and going a few days without her boyfriend had her quivering at his touch. As his two other fingers spread her lips apart, she blushed clearly as it was going to be obvious to how wet she was from just his rubbing over her. It was going to be arrogant of James to bring up, but he was right. She was completely wet just from having him rub over her pussy and their passionate kissing. And because of that, she kept her lips close to his ear, refusing to look at his face as he spoke. However, just hearing his tone and the words was equally embarrassing and hot. She didn’t have any amount of control over the situation and she was at his mercy for the time being. Eva’s mouth dropped open, catching her breath as she felt him rather affectionately kissing underneath her jaw. Even with his blunt words, she let down her guard, relaxing back against the bed as she brought her eyes to his. Hearing James being so stern and confident that she needed him made her desperate for more, considering that everything he said was one hundred percent true. Without much warning, she felt his thick finger just sink deep into her wet tight hole. The walls of her pussy tight against his finger as her thighs squeezed tight around his hips, shaking and toes curling for a few seconds. It had been a while since she had any attention and to have him being the one to take care of the problem was perfect. Her mouth was open, breathing hard, licking over her lips and just staring at her boyfriend’s annoyed expression. It was hot to see how angered he was all while he displayed how he was the only one that could take care of her. The sensation of his finger quickly sinking in and out of her wet hole had her shaking beneath him, even daring to try and pull her hips back as she knew James was enjoying the fact that she was getting so much pleasure from his finger alone. Her fingernails scratched down his back as she brought her hand down around to the strings of his shorts again, undoing the knot and letting the strings dangle loosely before her hands were against his back again. Eva cried out in pleasure, kissing at his lips, finding her moans muffled with the passionate kissing. Her tongue pressed and swirled against his, but this time it was clear he had the upper hand in the situation. She couldn’t even attempt to overpower him with just how quickly he was fucking at her wet pussy with his finger. Eva’s face was flushed with embarrassment that she was so wet for James and just his finger and lips managed to coax all of her want for him.  “I need more, please.” She mumbled quietly in between kisses. “I need more, James. Another finger, please.” Eva had the audacity to greedily beg him for more of his quick finger fucking. She was at his mercy. Her arms wrapped tightly around him again, making her lips go to his ear. Eva held onto him tight, crying out with his finger fucking back and forth out of her tight wet hole. “Fuck, James..” She whimpered his name several times as she started grinding back against his finger. “I need you so fucking bad, you jerk.” She had to had in the insult again just for her own ego. It did very little considering she was just begging him for more, but she attempted to act the same before although it wasn’t effective with her moans breaking up her words. Her hands attempted to push back on his shoulders. She knew if she remained in this position and he carried away with fucking her that she would have surely had an orgasm right then and there. As much as she wanted that, Eva’s ego forced her to try and wrestle back the situation. “Fuck, babe.. let me take care of you.” Her voice was that seem sweet tone from earlier combined with her moans. She wasn’t sure if James would go for it or not, but she threw out the idea just to see if he would go for her suggestion. 


 Don’t fucking mess with me, Eva.” His eyes held hers while he spoke to her, his jaw clenching tightly together when he finished, half-expecting her to add in a remark of her own. He was more than aware of the proximity of his face to hers as he leaned in close, listening to the silence between them with his hand still under her chin, holding her head back. There were several different reasons that might have caused him to do what he did next, and he wasn’t really sure what made him lean in and kiss her. Maybe it was the small amount of alcohol in his system, her actions prior to retrieving his laptop a second time, or just the thought of sinking his cock into her replaying in his mind, but within a few seconds, he had his mouth on hers. His tongue slid right past her lips, rubbing right against her own tongue as he pushed her back on the bed, allowing him to crawl right on top of her and prop up on his hands as they kissed. His right hand moved down to her thigh, pushing her leg back but managing to maneuver his hand to her inner thigh and right between her legs. His fingers teased over her pussy lips through the bottom set of her bikini, tracing her folds through the material before deciding to push it aside entirely. His middle finger ran over her exposed lips, spreading them apart with his finger and running his hand up to her clit only to rub slow circles around it. “Fuck, I want you,” he murmured.

Eva’s lips curled into a grin as she looked directly at her boyfriend, seeing the clear irritation on his face. Her hands were sliding over his chest, shamelessly feeling over his body while leaning up closer to him. His cursing and stern voice was surprisingly drawing Eva closer, egging her on to continue with the button pushing and teasing. “I didn’t do anything wrong. Can I not be friendly? God, stop being so possessive.” He was in his bounds when he instructed her on what she shouldn’t be doing, and she knew he was right but it wasn’t going to stop her from twisting the words and continuing to make him look like he was wrong. “When it comes to me? You make me sound so horrible, James. If it’ll make you happy, I won’t leave your side again. I’ll be good. Should I hand over my cellphone, too?” Again, she exaggerated his words in an attempt to down play herself and make him look more villainous. Her exaggerations were out there but effective enough to bother James some more. Her left hand slid down his abdomen, grinning to herself as she felt over his abs and when her finger twirled around the knot of tied strings. She slowly undid it, teasingly pulling on the strings lightly as she kept her face close to his. Her lips brushed against his cheek as she moved her mouth closer to his ears. She knew he couldn’t resist when it came to her teasing against his ear, having her breath against him and her lips just lightly going over his ear. “What else did I do wrong? Was my swimsuit covering up enough? Was I too many steps ahead of you? I wasn’t aware I was your property, James.” Her voice showed that she was purposely taunting him and adding on to his words, knowing he wouldn’t be too pleased with how she made a joke of what he was saying to her. They both knew she was flirting and his request wasn’t inappropriate but she turned it to make it sound as if James was being far too strict. If James had flirted with a woman, Eva would have been giving him the same stern talk, or even worse but from what she had seen, he didn’t have any intention of bothering her on purpose. Eva’s lips kissed at his cheek and ear, seemingly in a loving manner as she glanced down to watch her hand just rubbing back and forth. She could already see the outline of his thick cock pressing up against the material which brought a grin to her face. She was proud that he wasn’t able to pull away from her and just how hard he was getting from her teasing. Eva sighed against him, her breath against his skin as she just rubbed her palm back and forth against the outline of his cock. Just looking down James’ body, his flexed body and just seeing his cock bulging against the shorts was making her want him all that much more. “I wasn’t flirting at all. I have everything I want right here.”  Eva mumbled, being so sweet as she couldn’t help it. Seeing his tanned frame in those white boardshorts and seeing just how hard he was made her want him, but she wasn’t going to give in right away. She pictured just sliding down his shorts and watching his erect cock to spring out. She could have just sucked him off right then and there and went back to ignoring him. The thought of just watching him groan out and having him cum with just her mouth was a strong possibility. There wouldn’t be any way that James would have been upset with her then but she held back out of her own arrogance. She didn’t want to let him ‘win’. Her hand wrapped around the length through the material, giving him a few jerks before letting go.

It must have been torture for him to watch her just pull back, pull her warm body from his and treat him like he wasn’t even there. Even rudely brushing his shoulder and taking his property without permission was throwing salt at the wound. She knew sitting directly before his groin, seeing his bulge against the white boardshorts would be just as equally annoying, clearly ignoring what she should have been taking care of for him. The fact that it had been days since they had last been intimate was sure not to help. The two of them hadn’t had any opportunity to relieve themselves of stress and show their affection for one another and Eva’s hot and cold game wasn’t doing much; for James anyway. As she sat with the laptop in her lap again, she knew he was going to be thoroughly pissed that she left him just like that. She smirked as she typed away loudly, her nails clicking off the keys as she blatantly ignored her boyfriend, leaving him standing in front of her as if he was nothing. As she heard the sigh, she perked her eyebrow up, feeling his eyes on her but refusing to acknowledge him. She was aware she was in hot water but kept it going without any worry for the moment. As the laptop closed again, she didn’t put up a fight. A third time would have crossed the line, especially considering he was trying to keep the conversation going which meant something to her. As his hand came to her chin, her eyes met his, quickly flicking her tongue over her lip as she stared directly at him. His words were firm, enough to make her nervous and think about her actions but her mind quickly directed her attention to his facial features. It was sweet how fed up he was with her talking in such a flirtatious manner. She wanted to kiss him right then and there, apologize and let him know how much she loved him but remained silent. The urge to question him or throw in a ‘or what?’ was tempting but she refrained.

Much to her surprise, she had her boyfriend pressing a kiss to her. She kissed back immediately, parting her mouth to slid her tongue to his. It had been far too long since she shared a passionate kiss with him and just having him initiate it made her want him that much more. She could tell that the jealousy took a toll on him and him showing how much he wanted her had made her return the kiss with just as much passion, her tongue swirling against his. She pressed her face forward, attempting to overpower him in the kiss but found him easily pinning her back against the bed. As he was getting on top, her hands had quickly moved to his shoulders, brushing his opened shirt down off his arms and then sliding her hands over his back. She felt him pressing her down back against the bed, she pulled him closer, feeling his chest to her bust with very little room to move. Her legs moved apart with the direction of his hand, letting him move closer. Her left hand slid down his back, just resting on his lower back. Her right slid over his firm ass, gripping  and pressing down on it, guiding his hips lower as she slightly pushed her hips up, allowing herself to feel his bulge press up against her covered pussy briefly before the space was made so he could tease his hand over her pussy.  Eva’s hands slid up over his back again as she mumbled a curse against him. She moaned into his mouth, still kissing him with equal – if not more want. Each time Eva broke the kiss, she looked right over his face again and down to his lips before kissing him again as if she was deprived of being able to do so before. Their bitterness preventing them from enjoying their time away together and she couldn’t hold back anymore. She kissed him several times, making sure to slip her tongue against his as well. She very weakly moved her hips against his fingers, knowing he was teasing her through the thin material. Just to have him finger fuck her right there would have been enough for her with how much she wanted him. It had been far too many days of no affection and she was so desperately needy for him; anything he would offer her at all. A sigh left her mouth as he pulled her swimsuit aside, revealing her pussy to him. Her thighs tensed for a second as she felt his middle finger teasing over her folds and then the teasing of her clit. She hadn’t had any time to take care of herself through their fight and having him touch her was making her crave him. Eva wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his upper body close so she could moan against his ear as he teased her wet pussy. She turned her head, pressing her lips to his ear and whining. “God, I fucking hate you so much, jerk.” Her voice slightly shaky as she muttered against him, making it clear he was the one with the power at the moment. She needed him and she wouldn’t let him pull away now. “I fucking want you. And just you. You know that, idiot.” Eva had to throw in the last word, just to jab at him while making sure he knew she had no intention of actually flirting with the male, only engaging him to get back at James. “Please.” She sincerely added in as she moved her hips back and forth against his finger. “I need you so fucking bad, James.” There wasn’t anything behind the words. No sarcasm, no teasing or attitude. Only a clear indication she craved him. She wouldn’t care about his remarks or teasing now. She was sure to hear just how wet she had gotten from just his teasing but it wouldn’t matter. Eva kissed at his ear and cheek, turning his head, running her hand through his hair and even lightly gripping it as she shamelessly kissed him, not wanting to pull away after not having him for the past few days.


He stayed by the beach for a good half hour before he decided to amble back up to his hotel room, leaving his shirt the way it was and feeling more frustrated than anything. He rode the elevator back to his floor before he walked toward his room and unlocked it with his key card. Already on the bed was Eva, clicking through his laptop in the same bikini she had on before, and instead of greeting him or just ignoring his entrance, he could hear another sarcastic remark come from her direction. He clenched his jaw in response as he walked to the side of the bed and closed the laptop despite knowing she was still using it. He picked it up in one hand and set it on the table nearby, knowing she was going to verbally protest in response as he walked to the nightstand and emptied his pockets of his wallet and phone. “You know, you’ve got some fucking nerve, Eva,” he said when he finally walked back toward where she laid, standing in front of her and unable to hold back his own thoughts much longer. “Did you really have to fucking flirt with another guy right in front of me? The very least you could have done for me was do it somewhere else. It’s already fucking bad enough you made me look like a complete ass by sitting there yourself.”

Eva was more than aware that she was pushing her luck with James. He was being passive with the tension, but she kept picking away, doing what she could to boil his frustrations. It was immature of her but she didn’t know how else to react. All she knew was that she wanted a reaction from her boyfriend but it didn’t seem to be working. After mumbling another rude comment under her breath, Eva kept her attention on the screen before her, scrolling through the website, thinking she could just ignore James. She kept her extending her legs back and forth, aimlessly kicking them in the air as if she had no other worries. She did what she could do to make it appear as if she was perfectly fine and their argument hadn’t bothered her in the slightest, even if it was the farthest thing from the truth. Eva knew James was approaching, assuming that he was only collecting something before leaving again. She remained on the laptop up until she saw his hand press down the screen and pick it right off the bed. “Are you kidding me?” Her mouth dropping wide open, scooting up to her knees as she watched him just empty out his wallet onto the nightstand.  Her eyebrows narrowed, openly glaring at James as she watched him curse which wasn’t very often. It caught her off guard but didn’t change her expression, annoyed that he had the audacity to just pick up his laptop from her like she was a child. Eva’s mouth widened, surprised he was giving it to her flat out and continuing on with the swearing. “Excuse me? Did you want to try any of that again?” She tried with a warning as she traced her tongue along her lower lip. Then, a thought crossed her mind. She could escalate this even further, defending herself with the same language and raising her voice was well, or she could remain ‘innocent’ and push James’ buttons while making him look worse.  Her facial expressions softened, her eyebrows no longer narrowed and her eyes wider as she tilted her head to the side. “What are you even talking about, James? I wasn’t flirting with anyone.” It confirmed to her that James had been watching at the pool. Lying and acting innocent was sure to annoy him further so she insisted on playing that card.

“I’m sorry. Am I not allowed to speak to a person without your permission James?” Eva was twisting his words, making him look worse although they were both aware of what she was doing. Her questions and tone were used to make James feel like he was in the wrong. “Do I keep my lips sealed if someone approaches me? Should I send them your way? I’m so sorry, James. I don’t know what I was thinking.” She added on, and on. “Could you possibly forgive me?” She moved closer towards the edge of the bed on her knees, leaning, placing both her hands lightly on his chest. Her fingers brushed his shirt open wider, tracing her fingertips over his tanned skin while trying to hide her smile. She was still annoyed, but acting cool and collected was only a front to see if she could continue getting under his skin. However, she did take notice of James’ toned body, looking at the light sheen of sweat over him. Her blue eyes dropped, glancing down his abs and directly down towards his board shorts. There was no question about it. James looked ridiculously hot when he was angry. She brought her eyes back up to his tensed face. Eva should have kept her hands to herself but purposely made it clear she was feeling over him. This way, if he stepped back or shrugged away her hands, he would end up looking like the jerk again. Her left hand’s fingertips grazed down over his abdomen, dragging her nails very faintly over his skin. Her fingers ended up at the waist of his board shorts, her eyes looking down again for a moment, looking at how low they hung off his hips. Her mind was still focused on annoying him, but she couldn’t help but think of just how hot James looked. They didn’t have a chance to fuck ever since they arrived and Eva couldn’t hold off much longer. She wanted him, and even with their current situation, she could go right back to ignoring him if she wanted. At the moment, she wanted her boyfriend and she was sure he wouldn’t say no. The new plan was to bug him while teasing him.

Her fingers toyed with the tied strings of his board shorts, so daringly close to his groin as she leaned up to his ear. Eva pressed herself up against him briefly, having her bust to his chest as she brushed her lips over his ear. “Aw, poor James. I wasn’t flirting.” She blatantly lied again. All of a sudden, she seemed rather affectionate. Kissing at his ear, her hands sliding along his body, even pushing his unbuttoned shirt off his shoulders slightly. She pressed herself up against him, her tone sounding sweet and apologetic. “It’s not my fault you’re a complete asshole today, now is it? Plus, he was only complimenting me on my swimsuit. My new swimsuit by the way, which you were too stubborn to comment on.” Even with her tone, she made sure to take another jab at him. It wasn’t fair considering the two of them were in a fight but she still tried to make him look like the jerk.  “We could have had fun.” Her palm lightly brushed over his groin, rubbing back and forth as she pulled back from his ear. “Too bad, though. You can fuck yourself.” She knew better than to talk to James with such forward and harsh words but had the excuse that he started it. Eva sat back on her knees upon the bed and sighing. She sat there for a few seconds before standing up and brushing past him again. Arrogantly, she picked up his laptop before sitting at the edge of the bed, having it in her lap as she went right back to ignoring him. She sat right in front of him again, opening the laptop and going back to using it as if she wasn’t bothered by his words or having him before her. “Look, I’m sitting by myself again.” Eva added in with a smug grin, looking up at him for a quick second, particularly over his groin, abs and chest before looking at his face. She knew she was adding on for no reason, but she couldn’t help but want to annoy and tease him at the same time. Eva was too prideful to tell her boyfriend that she wanted him so bad. Instead, she sent the signal she wanted him, all while keeping him agitated with her words.

To say that Eva was annoyed would have been an understatement. She was fuming but she didn’t make it visible on the outside. Moments before, a heated argument over a stupid topic that was blown out of proportion took its toll on Eva and her boyfriend. Ever since arriving for their vacation, small back and forth comments and a string of unfortunate events plagued their trip. From missing their first flight to losing their luggage for a day; or even that James’ new cellphone was cracked after dropping it in a busy tourist location, the couple weren’t having much luck on their getaway. Now standing in the elevator of the expensive hotel, the two of them were headed to the main floor. The original plan was to lounge around by the pool but Eva wasn’t sure the two of them would be very good company for one another at the moment. The complete silence in the elevator made the tension that much more obvious and neither of them spoke a word. Eva kept her eyes straight forward but had a feeling that James had a scowl on his face. Assuming he would break first and apologize or try to make up for the fight, Eva kept quiet and impatiently waited for her boyfriend to crumble. Much to her surprise, the elevator chimed and the heavy doors slid open without a word from James. While it was unnecessary, Eva made sure to make an audible sigh and muttering ‘jerk’ for James to hear as she brushed past him. The blonde was carrying a nautical beach bag with sunscreen, sunglasses, her cellphone and other small items in case she stayed out too long. Her upper body was covered by a very thin white tanktop and hid the majority of her stringed purple bikini that was knotted around her neck and behind her back. Her bikini bottoms matched her top, tied at her hips. Eva walked confidently and ahead of James, not bothering to look back. She was sure he was following after her, but could have been wrong for all she knew. Her hand went up through her straight hair, brushing it back and flipping it off her shoulders, using the quick second to take a look behind her to catch a glimpse of her boyfriend. Although the two of them weren’t amused with one another, she knew he wasn’t going to let her roam around on her own and the same went for him.

As Eva approached the pool, she could see the sun beaming heavily down over the luxurious area. The large pool in the center, a constructed straw hut in the corner serving drinks and a myriad amount of pool chairs set up. Although the area was populated, Eva managed to spot two pool chairs untouched and led the two of them towards the chairs. Rather than stop at the two open prime tanning spots, she kept walking, finding a free single beach chair, taking it for herself and leaving James on his own. While it was a catty move, she made it clear she didn’t want to sit next to him for the time being. Eva resisted the urge to check on her boyfriend, or even return to the other two chairs. Her annoyance and current attitude being strong enough to discard that she may have upset him further.  Instead, she sat down, setting her bag down, and peered across the pool area. She noticed some eyes looking towards her with wide smiles, knowing it would have been much different if James had been right beside her. Assuming that James was still keeping tabs on her or even looking in her direction, she had begun peeling off her tanktop. She dropped it right on top of the bag, her fingertips then moving to adjust the strings of her small bikini top. While she had purchased her new swimsuit to show off particularly for her boyfriend, she found a new purpose with it by garnering the attention of other males. Eva had no intention of returning any attention towards the strangers, her desire to push her boyfriend’s buttons urged her to smile at any of the males she made eye contact with briefly. It didn’t take long until a male approached her as she laid back on the pool chair. Her hands were rubbing over her arms, rubbing sunblock over her skin as she refused to lift her eyes and look for James but instead, looked up toward the stranger with a wide smile. It was clear to anyone looking in their direction that the male motioned if she needed some help applying it to her back. Eva without a doubt knew that would make James furious, to see some stranger sliding his hands along her body. Eva had no intention to cross that line but made sure to flirt. It was obvious with her biting at the corner of her lip, laughing at every other word that left the stranger’s mouth. She even motioned for him to lean closer so she could whisper something in his ear. It wasn’t needed but she only prayed that James caught at least some of her actions. It was her plan to push his buttons in an attempt to get back at him and imagined it was working well. After ten minutes, she dismissed the man and actually stood up. She collected her tank and bag, placing the bag over her shoulder and deciding she didn’t want to be out in the sun. Her mood was shot and while she felt guilty for the unneeded flirting, she just wanted to get back into her hotel room and be on her own.

Sometime had passed since she had seen James and Eva found herself bored in the hotel room. Eva made the assumption he was aimlessly walking around to cool off and decided to keep herself distracted. Still in her swimsuit, she walked over to the balcony, keeping the doors wide open to let the fresh air in and so she could look down and peer at the pool, or in the distance at the beach. She found her eyes scanning the pool area for James but failed to spot him. With a sigh, she turned and walked around towards the bed. Laying flat on her stomach, she propped her elbow up, resting her chin in her right hand while the left opened James’ laptop. Her legs were bent at the knee, swaying back and forth as she browsed the web. Her feet were facing the door, and giving James’ quite the sight with her round ass in the small purple bikini bottoms on display as she heard the door open. Eva could see his reflection, watching him enter their hotel room thanks to the laptop screen but made no effort to greet him. Rather than try to play nice, Eva mumbled ‘great’ at an attempt to keep their little feud going.